Random Chat Bot

This website hosts a chat bot for you to talk with. Your chats can be about any random subject. It provides a great way to see what the latest in artificially intelligent chat agents can do. Chatting with the bot is not just informative. It is also fun and entertaining, sometimes even a bit addictive. You can chat with this bot about anything you would like.

Chat Bots

Chat bot technology at it's pinical makes interactions between people and machines easy to use and natural. However, not all chat bot implimentations are able to interact with humans in a way that feels natural. Making chat bots respond to humans with seemingly intelligent answers can be quite challenging. Even when the questions are very simple, responding with a netural lingaul pattern and cadence is difficult for software. There is a huge amount of reasearch and still emerging fields of study around the subject. The technology behind chat bots crosses over many areas of science. Computer science, social sciences and machine learning among the types of research involved in making intelligent chat bot agents.